RubyMotion Tutorial

Make iOS Apps With Ruby

RubyMotion is a tool that allows you to write iOS apps in Ruby. Apple-platform software has historically been limited to using Objective-C, a great but otherwise niche language. RubyMotion allows a completely native and performant alternative: Ruby.

The RubyMotion Tutorial will teach you the essential topics of the iOS SDK using idiomatic Ruby whenever possible. It doesn't cover everything, but it will get you on the path to making elegant apps as quickly as possible.

Dive Deeper with RubyMotion

The RubyMotion Tutorial covers only the very basics of iOS development, so you should also consider reading the RubyMotion book. You'll find expanded content in every chapter, completely new and useful examples, and information more up-to-date with RubyMotion than this tutorial.

"Looking for the best way to get started with RubyMotion? Read this book." — Laurent Sansonetti, lead developer of RubyMotion and founder of HipByte

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He is the creator of several popular RubyMotion projects and is also a maintainer of BubbleWrap, the most widely used RubyMotion library. A Thiel Fellow, bill was previously an early member of the Circle team, contributing to their gorgeous iOS and Android apps.

But all that stuff aside, I wrote this because I believe RubyMotion is a great way to get started writing iOS software. It's not for everyone, but it definitely lowers the barrier to entry for many on-the-fence developers. If that sounds like you, I hope you read this and take the dive.

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